Fun with fungi walk, 12th September

Saturday 12th September 2.30 to 4.30pm Corehead Farm and Beef Tub Come along to Corehead to learn about the fascinating world of fungi, how to tell them apart, what they’re doing in the environment and how we can use them. To book email


Introducing the Corehead shelter project

Last year we started discussing plans for an education building at Corehead. The aim was to create a small space that groups could use year round in all weather conditions and that would be built in a sympathetic way in the landscape. One of our CBSG members Paul Short runs locals woodland management company Treesurv and they put together some plans for a …


The dizzy heights of Corehead

Last weekend we held our first ever Corehead High Camp and we’re pleased to report it was a HUGE success!   The high camp tradition was started by ex Carrifran Wildwood Project Officer Hugh Chalmers. We’ve been running them every year but never at Corehead so we thought it was about time we gave it a go.   The task …


Adventure club this summer

We’ve had some great adventures at Corehead this summer. Over the weeks some highlights were making wild plant lip balm, finding lots of dragonfly nymphs, newtlings and other beasties in the wildlife scrapes and drinking meadowsweet cordial that we made on site. Last week was the final session for the summer and a jam packed one it was too! We …


Junior rangers: knots, ropes and navigation

This month Richard from NTS shared some of his mountain leader skills with the Junior rangers at Corehead Farm. We covered navigation, knots, and a few abseiling methods to be able to descend difficult terrain in an emergency. Knots! We learnt the over hand, double figure of eight and stopper knot  The South African Abseil  The south African abseil lets …


Exploring the Talla valley

On the 12th August we set out for a recording day in the Talla valley. A small but diverse bunch, we were concentrating on butterflies, moths, bryophytes and other curiosities!  Whilst Liz headed up into Black Cleuch, hunting for interesting places where the bryophytes had not already been recorded (the bryologists have been on the case in Talla and Gameshope …


Borders Tree Planting Grant

Ash Dieback, Dutch Elm disease and Phytophthora in larch; these are just a few examples of some of the recent tree diseases and pests that have had devastating impact on our native tree flora across the UK. But when you consider what impact this might have in light of the vastly reduced number of trees, across what was once a …